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“Biblical Fiction Buffs”

Join the “Biblical Fiction Buffs,” on online, quarterly book club hosted by yours truly, Jenna Van Mourik.

The goal of the Biblical Fiction Buffs is to not only enjoy reading Biblical fiction, but to also see how it’s messages can inspire us in our daily lives, and see how it can be used as a tool for enabling deeper study of the Bible.

In the Biblical Fiction Buffs, we pick a book to read, and spend the time as we read studying the actual Biblical account and seeing how the novelization tackles and in some cases reveals God’s truth. And yes, there’s a far amount of fangirling and obsessing over great characters in there as well!

Join us each quarter for a new read, or just come to talk about Biblical fiction and Biblical history!

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The book club picks are divided up into quarters.Untitled Design 7

Quarter 1 – September, October, and November

Quarter 2 – December, January, and February

Quarter 3 – March, April, and May

Quarter 4 – June, July, and August

If you aren’t interested in being apart of the book club, or just don’t feel like reading the book-of-the-quarter, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of discussion for you to be involved in. We love to talk about ALL kinds of Biblical fiction and history, so even if you choose not to participate in the reading, there’s still a spot open for you! We’d love to have you!

For more information on how the group works, watch THIS video:

AND, for a tutorial on how to interact with the group, post to the discussion boards, see what kinds of content is available, and more, check out THIS video:

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am! To join, click here:

Can’t wait to have you apart of our discussion!

Happy reading,