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FREE Templates & Tutorials

I am so excited to offer FREE downloadable and easy to use templates and tutorials! These are all of the templates that I personally use in REAL LIFE to plan, outline, and write my novels! If you’re interested in my process or looking for help with developing your own process, these templates are for you! Click to open and download!

  • FREE Book Outline Template (MS Word) – This is the template I use to outline EVERY SINGLE NOVEL or story that I have ever written! Using a three act structure, and several points and one-sentence summaries, you can do the same!!!
  • FREE Character Profile Template (MS Word) – You guys ask me ALL the time what process or method I use to get to know my characters. Well, a LONG time ago, I created a “Character Profile” template that I have used every time I’ve begun writing a new character. I am now giving that template to you in the hopes that it helps you do the same!
  • FREE Series Bible Template (MS Word) – Don’t know what a series bible is? It’s like an encyclopedia for creating, outlining, and world building for an ENTIRE book series. It’s definitely a must for any author/writer who plans to write a series of stories set in the same universe. Series bibles can be difficult and exhausting to create, which is why I created this simple and easy to follow template for doing just that. Take advantage of this resource, it will help you in the long run! Trust me!

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