Book Review: One Summer Note by Cleopatra Margot


Hey everybody! Today I’m bringing you a NEW book review for Cleopatra Margot’s latest release in her Faith to Love series, One Summer Note. This is the sequel to Christmas with Cocoa, which was a charming contemporary Christmas story that I reviewed earlier on my blog. Before we get into THIS review however, let me share with you a little bit about the author.

IMG_1495About the Author:

Cleopatra Margot resides with her family in a small, rural Nebraska town. She and her two siblings are homeschooled, and they consider their dad as the substitute teacher. Since Cleopatra was little, she has loved to write. She has written four full novels, and One Summer Note marks the third to be published.

Times spent with family to play cards/games, eat yummy food, and laugh ’til you cry are held near to her heart.

All of Cleopatra’s novels follow the “criteria” of 1 Corinthians 13:13— “Faith,

Hope, Love. The greatest of these is Love.”

And now for a little bit about the book (because I know that’s the reason you all came here)…

About the Book:

Raelynn “Rae” Masey is moving to Believe, Nebraska, to open up a new coffeeshop. Luke McKay has experienced a devastating loss, and put the Closed sign on his heart for good. But as they work together to bring Rae’s coffeeshop to life, they realize just how much common ground they share. Will the bond Rae and Luke forge be able to overcome past hurts, withstand a father’s questioning and, ultimately, heal both of their hearts?

If this sounds like the kind of book that you would enjoy, then read on for all of my thoughts! And also don’t forget to check out the book trailer for One Summer Note:

Now, finally for the review!!!

One of the things I really loved about this book was the main character of Luke McKay. His sense of humor, wacky metaphors, and gentleman-ly personality was fun to read about. Sure, he’s got some troubled times in his past, but he really grows from those experiences and you can tell how they’ve shaped him into the man he is by the end of the book.

Raelynn was new to me! The McKay siblings previously appeared in Christmas with Cocoa, and I grew to love their family. Just like Rae is skeptical in the book of whether or not she’d be accepted in the fictional town of Believe, I was skeptical of how she’d fit in with the family I’d adored in the previous novel. HOWEVER, Raelynn’s character was such a “Rae” of sunshine in the story, and she was a great addition, as well as a great character to balance Luke’s character. The two characters pushed each towards growth in their faith, and it was interesting to read how their relationship developed.

FrontCoverI’m not going to spoil the ending, but Hallmark movie heroes beware! They have serious competition with Luke McKay. He knows how to pull off a huge surprise and sweep a girl off of her feet, and I think if you enjoy cute, clean, contemporary fiction, there’s a good chance this story will sweep you off of your feet too!

While Christmas with Cocoa is still my favorite of the currently released Faith to Love novels, this was a fun sequel. Not only did I enjoy getting to know Luke McKay and Raelynn Masey, but I also enjoyed seeing how Nate and Robin’s lives have changed since the first book. My personal rating for this one is 3.5/5 stars, because I would have enjoyed reading more about Raelynn’s backstory and how she manages to be so positive all of the time, as well as learning more about her family. Overall, it was a good book and even though contemporary isn’t always my genre of choice, I think fans of the genre would have a good time reading it.

This is a great book to have in your beach-bag this summer as you take your vacations, curl up under the hot summer sun and escape reality for a while to the fictional town of Believe, Nebraska. Those looking for sweet inspirational romance, a little bit of mystery, and a happy ending will find it in One Summer Note.

You can purchase One Summer Note at this link.

You can also find Cleopatra Margot on Instagram and her website.

Happy reading everyone!

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Review: Christmas with Cocoa by Cleopatra Margot


Don’t even get me started on how cute this book was! Well, actually do – because that’s the point of my whole-book-reviewing-blog thing!

Alright, let’s get started. First, let me share with you the summary of this book:

Robin McKay is determined to save the struggling Animal Shelter and head her hometown’s local Christmas event. but when plans go awry and Nate Ashford, Robin’s former best friend, are factors at play, will her Christmas wish come true?

If that doesn’t sell you, let me tell you, this love story is as sweet and adorable, if not even more-so, as the dog on the front cover! Christmas with Cocoa is a charming tale of two driven people, who are equally as passionate about their jobs as they are their faith. Just because it’s a Christmas story, don’t let that stop you from picking it up! After all, shouldn’t we be celebrating Christmas all year round?

Reading about the small, fictional town of Believe, Nebraska made me reminisce about my own experiences growing up near such small towns. I often reminisce and look back fondly at my days spent “on the mountain” as we called it, or “out in the countryside” with family and friends (Yes, even in Northern California, there are rustic landscapes and small towns!).

Something I loved most about these characters and the story was how real it all seemed (maybe that’s because the author based Believe, Nebraska on her own Nebraskan town!). I enjoyed reading about their family game nights, their banter, and the things that made them seem like an actual family, and not just characters who only lived once on the page.  I related so well to the cold nights juxtaposed with warm hugs from loving family and friends, laughing and smiling until the day’s end. Even rushing about frantically to buy last minute Christmas gifts – we’ve all been there, and it was endearing to read about, to say the least!


Piper and “Cocoa!”

Another fun aspect about this book was the animals! One of the focal points of the story is, of course, the animal shelter where the two main characters and love interests of each other work. I think we all know that I love animals (cue photographic spam of my baby Australian shepherd, Piper, who’s not such a baby anymore). They have such quirky and adorable personalities, and are just so easy to love. That love translated on the page, and I liked reading about all of the personalities of the animals, and the attachment they had with the “two-legged” characters. Again, the whole of this book was so relatable.

One of my favorite parts of this book, was the way the characters prayed. Like all of us, they often had their shortcomings and forgot to pray and go to God first when that was all they needed. But when they did pray, they prayed fervently. Like the saying goes, when two people grow closer to God, they will eventually grow closer to each other! I don’t think I’ve read any other book that does such a good job of portraying this as Christmas with Cocoa does. Like I’ve said before, relatable, and touching and poignant!

“However, when one is not in harmony with God, things get more complicated and hairier than they have to. I suggest you take some time to pray. Really pray. Ask God to give you the study materials for this particular test. Heck, ask Him to give you the answer sheet.” Cleopatra Margot, Christmas with Cocoa

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 10.41.19 pmIt may be a Christmas story as sweet as sugar candy left in Christmas stockings, but like those sweet treats left behind by Santa, I think it can be enjoyed at any time of year, and it’s message can most definitely be shared in any season of life!

I highly recommend that you go out, support an author, and pick up a copy of Cleopatra Margot‘s FIRST solo novel and FIRST contemporary project. I can’t wait to see how she grows in the genre and what other works she releases in the future! She also has a website, so if you’d like to head on over there, sign up for her e-mailing list, and receive any and all future updates about her writings, be sure to do that by clicking HERE. #SupportGoodBlogs #SupportGoodContent


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*Disclaimer – While I did receive a copy of this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review, this in no way affected my opinions. All the thoughts shared on this novel are my own, and I do not receive any compensation for leaving a positive review.